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About this event

Fri Nov 17, 2023 - Sat Dec 30, 2023\nPERFORMED AT THE MARGARITAVILLE RESORT PALM SPRINGS AS ONE OF OUR DTW SIGNATURE SHOWS. This riotous camp classic is based on the actual Christmas Eve live radio broadcast from the Crawford family’s Brentwood mansion in 1949. Filled with exaggerated silver screen icons, this mash-up musical parody is a loving homage to Hollywood’s “Golden Age” and features appearances of Tinsel Town divas such as Judy Garland, Carmen Miranda, Gloria Swanson, Hedda Hopper and the Andrews Sisters. Christmas With The Crawfords is a delightful alternative to the usual saccharine fare offered during the holidays and is guaranteed to make anyone who sees it feel much better about their own family this time of year.\n\n\n\nGenre: Holiday Musical Comedy\n\nRating: PG-13 (For adult language and adult themes)\n\nShow Runtime: 90 minutes, with a 15 minute intermission